Selected Writing

I enjoy writing editorial pieces, non-profit research papers, year-end reports, and I had a lot of fun putting together a children’s books about cats.  I wrote the text to accompany my photograph book, Families of the Fjords, am currently writing a narrative non-fiction book about Patagonia. 


Familias de los Canales
Campamentos de plástico en los archipélagos de Aysén

Families of the fjords
Plastic encampments in the archipelagos of Aysén

This book of documentary photographs with accompanying Spanish/English bilingual text portrays fishing families who lived under plastic during a period of colonization of the Chilean fjords.  It is published in Chile By Editorial Nire Negro and supproted by the Chilean National Fund for Books and Literature.

Big cats

Big Cats, A Nature Watch Series Book

Big MammalsElephants, Big cats, Bears and Whales

Big Mammals, The Illustrated Wildlife Encyclopedia
Big Mammals: Elephants, Whales, Big Cats and Bears